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I own and maintain a large number of websites with user registration facilities and message boards and started to notice a lot of fake/spam registrations that were suddenly appearing and decided to start logging them all in an online database as there were so many from different ip addresses, email addresses and user names that it was clearly a big problem and would require a substantial amount of data logging to better inspect and understand emerging patterns and prevent future registration attempts by previously detected sources.

I made a search interface on this website so that I could lookup details of potential registrations and from the results make a decision about whether or not to accept or block them.

I have also made this database publicly available for free so that other people can lookup registration details and decide whether or not to accept them.
Please add this website to your web browser bookmarks now, just press CTRL+D so that you can return here and check further details easily at any time in the future.
I also added several ways that users can send us information about attacks that they might be suffering in the hope of further expanding the database and developing a very reliable RBL blacklist that works seamlessly in real time with tens of thousands of blocked spam sources.
This is now a very substantial and tried and tested system which is working very well on a large number of websites and yielding superb results.

Please use the contact us form to send us any suggestions you may have or to request protection for your website or message board, we have an RBL, (Real Time Blacklist) protection system that requires very little setup and has a very low monthly fee.

If you would like to show me some support for all my hard work, please like my Globalspyware and/or Code-x SD and/or Expert Hosting Online Facebook pages thanks!

This system has been a considerable personal technical challenge for me which I have very much enjoyed, working on my own I have produced all of the code that is required to make the website function correctly, it is all hand written from scratch using very basic tools, (Notepad.exe and Core FTP) as well as every last bit of data in the database.

A further requirement of the website is that it must be able to pattern match against a vast amount of data in real time in order to function as an RBL, (Real Time Blacklist) by multiple internal/external websites, each of which can pass data directly to this website instantly, providing information such as the originating domain/folder, as well as any details that have been provided during any registration process attempt or failed attempt.

This website is also producing some 35,198 unique URL's that have been indexed by major search engines at the time of this update, representing known IP addresses, email addresses and user names, as well as multiple XML compatible sitemap indexes and files, and incorporating advanced regular expression database lookup algorithm pattern matching/detection technologies developed by GlobalSpyware/Code-x Software Development specifically for this website, all database lookups conducted by this website incorporate advanced regular expression SQL database searches originating from a built in regular expression generator which is capable of generating regular expressions on the fly in direct response to any valid input details and are all © copyright GlobalSpyware/Code-x Software Development.

This website also presents website administrators with intuitive alert messages and single click button options which appear when required to prompt and guide successful one click database manipulation directly from the website, it also incorporates Javascript/jQuery functions that were written by Code-x SD and perform various functions on the website, the real time clock for example amongst other things, thank goodness for PHP/HTML/CSS/MySQL/REGEX/jQuery/JavaScript/SWF :)

Sponsoring/advertising agreements are welcomed so that i can dedicate more time to this project, this really is performing better than any original expectations and if you are interested in a sponsorship/advertising arrangement, please contact me using the contact form and I will be glad to consider your proposals.